Kathy Fugatt


Email: fugatt@rsvp-worcester.org
Phone: 508-791-7787

The office of Kathy Fugatt, RSVP Volunteer Engagement Counselor, is often a buzz of activity. Kathy  spends her days interviewing new RSVP volunteers, tracking volunteer hours, keeping systems updated with current data and following up to ensure timesheets are accurate and signed.

Kathy began volunteering at RSVP for a variety of programs. She spent many hours volunteering her time and energy to “StoryWalk”, a program that encourages reading in an outside setting.  She volunteered at the Homework Center tutoring elementary school children after school. Kathy also worked with the RSVP Senior Health and Safety Coordinator on projects including Healthy Eating for Diabetics and the User Friendly Homes.

The time spent as an RSVP volunteer made her a candidate for her current position at RSVP.  Kathy’s experience in customer service as a shoe buyer for Clarks Shoe North America has been instrumental in expanding the RSVP volunteer database.

Kathy continues to volunteer at Rachel’s Table and Special Events.  She is always on the lookout for new volunteer opportunities; she feels volunteering is a way of life and the rewards are priceless.