Barbara Drapos


Email: drapos@rsvp-worcester.org
Phone: (508) 791-RSVP

Born and raised in Alaska, Barbara has resided in central Massachusetts since attending college in Worcester. She nurtured her passion for theater through directing plays in community theater and teaching acting, while working professionally first as a teacher and then as a resource specialist/behavioral consultant to school systems and to families.

“For me, one of life’s greatest lessons is that everyone has a story. If we don’t take time to listen, we miss the opportunity to know the incredible artists, remarkable adventurers and quiet heroes among us.  I consider many of our RSVP volunteers to be heros. They are remarkable people who donate their time to cuddle hospitalized babies, bring a book to a new mom and her baby, serve veterans, drive the ill to doctors’ appointments, travel throughout Worcester County to present programs to seniors to help prevent them from falling prey to fraudulent schemes, work at food pantries, help grow food for the hungry, patiently help a young child learn to read, read aloud to children, read aloud to the blind, support the community’s arts and science organizations, provide meals to housbound seniors, and so much more.  In so doing, these volunteers enrich all of our lives and the county in which we live.”